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Dealer Registration

For Cloud-Products as shown on http://www.ipcameramanager.com

The dealer-program works as follows:

1. Register as dealer. To do so, please send us your trading- or business-license.
2. You will receive a "Dealer-ID", for example 'D-777-123'
3. Just name your Dealer-ID to your cusomers, which are buying IP Cameras from you
4. If your customers are registering the "Manager", "Picture Recorder" or "Video Recorder" at www.ipcameramanager.com - they can enter your Dealer-ID.
   - Your Customers will save 20% on their first Camera storage, so they benefit by entering your Dealer-ID
      (for example, they pay 7,99 EUR instead of 9,99 EUR each month for the first camera)
   - As a reward for recommending the customer to us, you will earn the net-value of the monthly revenue
     (one-time, after the customer has paid successfully for at least 3 months.)
     Calculation example: A customer has 2 Video Recorder Storages and will pay 15,98 EUR (Gross sum) each month. Including 19% VAT,
     this equals 13,43 EUR (Net sum). So, for this customer, which owns just 2 IP Cameras, you will earn an extra-commission of 13,43 EUR.
   - We will calculate the total sum of the granted amount once a month.
     You can simply upload an invoice in your Dealer's Login Account and we will transfer the total amount to you by IBAN transfer or PayPal.

As a dealer, you have the following advantages:
  • You earn commissions for every order which has been placed by the customers which you have promoted
  • If a customer adds another camera within the next 12 months, you earn extra-commissions for it's storage account
  • You do NOT NEED to pre-buy any account or storage! This is completely risk-free for you, since you do only need to promote customers for using the Cloud Recording functionality.

Registration will start soon!

You can also pre-register right now for free by sending an inquiry to info@cloudcorder.tv


CloudCorder IP Camera Manager - Security Camera Cloud Storage App

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The 'CloudCorder IP Camera Manager' offers Online Storage for IP Security Cameras / CCTV Cameras / Surveillance Cameras with motion detection and an App for iPhone and Android to for storing, recording and live-viewing all events of your IP Camera. The Camera Recorder stores all events of your IP Camera online into the Cloud Corder Cloud. A Free IP Cam Viewer App & Camera Software is included in the CloudCorder Camera Manager. CloudCorder has also tested over 30 IP Cameras, so you will find the right cameras for all your purposes and requirements - for both, business and home security use.

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IP Camera Manager under www.ipcameramanager.com

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