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Dealer Registration

For Cloud-Products as shown on http://www.ipcameramanager.com

The dealer-program works as follows:

1. Register as dealer. To do so, please send us your trading- or business-license.
2. You will receive a "Dealer-ID", for example 'D-777-123'
3. Just name your Dealer-ID to your cusomers, which are buying IP Cameras from you
4. If your customers are registering the "Manager", "Picture Recorder" or "Video Recorder" at www.ipcameramanager.com - they can enter your Dealer-ID.
   - Your Customers will save 20% on their first Camera storage, so they benefit by entering your Dealer-ID
      (for example, they pay 7,99 EUR instead of 9,99 EUR each month for the first camera)
   - As a reward for recommending the customer to us, you will earn the net-value of the monthly revenue
     (one-time, after the customer has paid successfully for at least 3 months.)
     Calculation example: A customer has 2 Video Recorder Storages and will pay 15,98 EUR (Gross sum) each month. Including 19% VAT,
     this equals 13,43 EUR (Net sum). So, for this customer, which owns just 2 IP Cameras, you will earn an extra-commission of 13,43 EUR.
   - We will calculate the total sum of the granted amount once a month.
     You can simply upload an invoice in your Dealer's Login Account and we will transfer the total amount to you by IBAN transfer or PayPal.

As a dealer, you have the following advantages:
  • You earn commissions for every order which has been placed by the customers which you have promoted
  • If a customer adds another camera within the next 12 months, you earn extra-commissions for it's storage account
  • You do NOT NEED to pre-buy any account or storage! This is completely risk-free for you, since you do only need to promote customers for using the Cloud Recording functionality.

Registration will start soon!

You can also pre-register right now for free by sending an inquiry to info@cloudcorder.tv


CloudCorder IP Kamera Manager - Überwachungskamera Cloud Speicher App

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Der 'CloudCorder IP Kamera Manager' bietet Online-Speicher für Überwachungskameras und eine App für iPhone und Android mit der alle Bewegungen vor einer IP Kamera in der Cloud gespeichert- und jederzeit abgerufen werden können. Aufnahmen in der CloudCorder Cloud werden ausschließlich in DEUTSCHLAND gespeichert! CloudCorder hat zudem über 30 IP Kameras getestet, sodass jeder mit Sicherheit die richtige Überwachungskamera für sich finden kann - egal ob füs Geschäft oder fürs zu Hause.

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